When you do date someone, look for a woman who shares your interests and not only as a romantic pursuit.

Oftentimes, a guy who has just experienced divorce or the break-up of a serious relationship will go through a dearth of dates for months or even years. Perhaps you need more time to heal or regroup. 
You may be lonely, fed up with being dateless and eager to start dating again, but it does not necessarily mean you are ready to do so. And most of all, be patient. Don't expect sparks to fly right away. If left unresolved, they will rear their ugly head even during the most casual dating scenarios and severely affect your chances of moving on. 
Just have faith. Try asking yourself a few things. Just because your ex-spouse has signed the final divorce papers, it does not mean you are prepared to meet new people. Try looking in non-intimidating venues such as bookstores instead of bars. These are feeling you have to first come to terms with..
At the end of the day, remember that it will take time to heal your wounds, Electric Scooters Supplier in China but trust in the process - it IS supposed to hurt (otherwise you would be a cold hearted robot and very few women love guys like that) and it WILL get better. It may be time to update your dating strategies. Once you've done that, then you can figure out what to do to climb out of your dateless hole. 
Now, if you've finished healing and reassessment but still can't get a date, maybe your problem is logistical rather than emotional.
That's normal, according to psychologists. 
Anger, bitterness and the pain of betrayal can sometimes linger after a bad break-up. Perhaps you need to re-assess what you really want. Remember that what you wanted in your twenties may not be the same as what you want now that you are in your thirties or forties. And second, their dating style and strategies may be wrong.
You might be thinking, that couldn't possibly happen to me. For instance, when trying to meet people, do you still head to the same places you used to visit when you were single? Do you try to find romance in clubs and bars? Do you only go out when you're with your posse of single friends?
Try a different approach like online dating or dating events and mixers.
After a break-up, there are usually two main reasons why men experience a dating drought. Immerse yourself in new activities and make them a regular part of the schedule.. You can't simply start dating again after years of inactivity and instantly get the hang of it after only few tries. It simply means that the man is still genuinely mourning his lost love instead of trying to numb the pain by dating a series of sometimes inappropriate partners.Dating is not like riding a bicycle. Find common ground first and perhaps romance will follow.
But what if you truly want to move forward yet still have great difficulty getting dates? How do you get out of that lonely rut?
The first step is to determine why you're not getting even a nibble of romance. First, they may not yet be ready to date again. Do you project negative or defensive vibes to the opposite sex? Do you find yourself talking about your ex-partner or ex-wife too much? Do you try too hard to be liked (a subconscious attempt to get over rejection)? Do you feel shy and uncomfortable talking to women you find attractive? 
If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes', then take a good hard look at your situation.
Just give it time, be mindful of your self-talk, and get back out there and just LIVE life again, and when the time is right, you will meet someone special again and connect with her.

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